Spring clean your wardrobe with SHWOP

Today Marks & Spencer and Oxfam launched their new campaign ‘SHWOP‘. I’m sure you’ve all heard of the clothes swapping events that have been held up and down the country over the last few years, but this initiative goes one step further. Not only can you now use your local Marks’ as a drop-off point for unwanted clothes (which will then be sold in Oxfam stores), you can also trade in old M&S purchases for vouchers! Just hand them in to any Oxfam shop and in return you will receive £5 off your next spree (as long as it’s over £35 – it was a little bit too good to be true otherwise. But I’m not complaining!). An excellent way to spring clean your wardrobe, whilst at the same time reducing the amount of clothing that ends up in landfills and helping to raise money for an incredible charity.

As great as Ms. Lumley looks in these ads, the campaign does seem to be appealing mainly to an older audience. Let’s see Topshop and Alexa Chung sign up for it next…


I went shopping.

I recently experienced two especially distressing clothes tragedies. Firstly, my suitcase was stolen whilst I was on a weekend away in Paris. I say stolen, the truth is I couldn’t be bothered to drag a 26kg suitcase up five flights of uneven, precarious looking steps that only the French know how to achieve to my friend’s loft appartment, so instead I decided to leave it in the little courtyard at the back of the building. I took out my valuables (I’m not that stupid), but thought a suitcase of clothes would be perfectly safe within a secured building in a respectable part of Paris. Wrong. Goodbye favourite half of wardrobe.

Secondly, I loaned a friend my beautiful emerald green maxi skirt that I had practically lived in last summer but had yet to make its debut this year. Unfortunately said friend’s inexperience in the realm of chiffon led her to push an iron over it. It died in the prime of life, and will remain eternally beautiful. The Princess Di of the skirt world.

So anyway, both of these events (as well as the long-awaited appearance of my student loan) made me decide that I deserved to treat myself to a shopping trip. And so behold a shopping trip was created, and I looked at my shopping and I saw that it was good. The main beauty of it came with the discovery of H&M’s new Conscious Collection. All the pieces in this line of clothing are made in a completely environmentally and socially sustainable way, and not only that but they are simply beautiful! An incredible combination of this Spring’s pastel colours, lace and crochet textures and tropical prints, all completely guilt-free. You can imagine my excitement when I came across these adorable floral-print shorts, made entirely from recycled polyester.

Here’s a few of my fave pieces from the collection…

100% recycled polyester cropped top £9.99

Embroidered organic cotton dress £49.99

100% organic cotton crocheted shorts £19.99